• Safe Automated Parts Finishing
  • Higher Yields
  • Consistent Quality

A buffing and grinding machine for polishing, grinding, or deburring multiple, rack loaded parts in a single cycle. Whether the application involves finish grinding of castings or forgings, polishing seal seats on drive shafts or edge deburring of textile parts, Mitchell Machine will custom configure and tool the AutoBuff for optimum production.

“We were both impressed and surprised at the fact that such a rough initial surface could be brought to a consistent, high gloss final finish on one machine dry run with a set of convolute wheels with no compound. In the field, the same polished, satin finish would have to be produced by skilled operators using multiple steps of abrasive products including cotton buffs, compounds and set-up wheels.”
-Juan Araiza IV
Saint-Gobain Abrasives
Autobuff machine

Field Proven AutoBuff Advantages:

  • Production increased three fold or more
  • Decreased changeover time – only seconds
  • Improved quality and consistency
  • Buffing and grinding wheel life extended
  • Operator input and technical skills minimized
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Safe working environment for operators and other personnel
  • Process flexibility including the ability to grind, polish, and deburr on the same machine

Typical Industry Applications:

  • Hand Tools
  • Textile Machine Parts
  • Cutlery
  • Architectural Hardware
  • Medical Instruments and Implants
  • Fittings & Connectors – Fluid Power
  • Commercial Finishing
Autobuff Autobuff

AutoBuff Parts Finishing System advanced features include:

  • Programmable PLC based, menu driven controls with Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Precise, Electro-pneumatic control of buffing or grinding pressure
  • Wide range of programmable buffing or grinding pressures and wheel speeds
  • Automatic wheel wear compensation to maintain constant surface speed
  • Vertical and horizontal oscillation of racked parts for consistent finish
  • Automatic wheel dressing
  • Automatic buffing compound application
Autobuff Autobuff

AutoBuff Evolution:

  • Porter-McLeod of Hatfield, MA designs automatic buffing machine.
  • Magnat Machine of Northampton, MA builds the machine for Porter-McLeod.
  • Magnat begins to build their own automated version named the AutoBuff 2000.
  • Mitchell Machine acquires the rights to the AutoBuff 2000 naming it the Mitchell AutoBuff.
  • The Mitchell AutoBuff receives significant mechanical and electrical enhancements providing great increases in quality and production levels.
  • Mitchell Machine forms strategic partnership with leading abrasive manufacturers to apply latest advances in abrasive technology.


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