Our facilities include state of the art turning equipment.  Our Bullard 60” VTL is our largest turning capability, and allows us to machine critical components to exacting dimensions.  Our CNC turning equipment is capable of making prototype parts to small production runs.  Our talented and experienced machinist will produce a part to your exacting dimensions using a cost efficient method.


Mitchell Machine is capable of efficiently machining small to large parts.  Our combination of state of the art large machining centers (144”x84”x72”) alongside our full service toolroom allows Mitchell to provide complete parts that are machined completely in house.  Ensuring that every aspect is machined to the standards of Mitchell Machines’s quality control manual.  With horizontal, vertical machining centers and large rotary tables, complex parts are able to be machined in cost effective manner.  We are able to machine enormous casting.


Mitchell Machine has a niche in large horizontal boring parts.  You could say that the company was built on our expertise in the boring department.  The founder of Mitchell Machine was friends with Charlie DeVlieg and that resulted in Mitchell Machine being one of the first machine shops to utilize his invention, the “JigMill”.  The accuracy and repeatability of these machines allow Mitchell Machine to machine tight tolerance bores on extremely large and heavy parts(+-.0005).?


The grinding work center at Mitchell Machine is the final stage in for parts we produce. With our valuable equipment we are able to grind to closer dimensions than our other machine tools.  Mitchell Machine is capable of OD grinding, ID grinding, surface grinding, and honing. The grinding process, is the final stage for precise components that we manufacture.  Our machinists have the training and experience necessary to satisfy the most exacting requirements.

"What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done."

- Tim O'Reilly

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224 Hancock Street,
Springfield, Massachusetts 01109

“The foundation of Mitchell Machine’s production process is the individual Machine Builder, who operates in an environment where innovation and craftsmanship are highly regarded. These dedicated individuals, working in close cooperation with machine designers and highly skilled machinists, develop automated machinery that meets even the most exacting of our customer’s requirements.”